The Amazing Benefits of Tantric Massage Therapy

Tantric massageIf you were to ask a friend or colleague what he/ she thinks tantric massage is all about, you would probably get a confused and embarrassed reply about touching, massage, eroticism and sexual pleasure. For a person who has never experienced this kind of massage it is very difficult to understand the complete inner peace and contentment that is the outcome of this experience.

Curiously enough, even a person who has experienced tantric massage London will probably find it very difficult to describe in mere words exactly how ‘free’ and relaxed he felt as a result of the therapy. This is probably why very few actually know and understand what tantric massage is all about.

Tantric Massage Therapy Explained

Tantric massage therapy is not about sex as many falsely believe. However eroticism and sensual arousal do play a significant part in this massage technique. To put it simply, tantric massage aims to bring complete relaxation to the human body by using a combination of touch, sensual awakening and skilled, gentle physical contact. While the massage may result in sexual arousal and fulfilment this is not the primary objective of the therapy. In fact, the masseuse will consider this a bonus rather than successful achievement of the true objective.

During the actually therapy, the masseuse uses gentle and loving touch over every part of your body including the sexual organs to raise your body, mind and spirit to a new plane. Achieving the perfect balance between these and thus deriving benefits is the ultimate goal of this therapy.

The Origins of Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is not a new age massage technique. It has been practiced for over 5000 years in the East. However, only recently has the Western world come to know of the immense benefits of this therapy, leading to several skilled and trained masseuses offering tantric massage London and in other parts of the world.

In the East, where this massage therapy originated, it is believed that tantric massage helps calm the organs and the mind. A recipient of this kind of massage attains complete mental peace, emotional stability and physical relaxation. The core concept of this massage therapy is to encourage the recipient to disengage the mind. When the mind is ‘switched off’, the body is highly aware of the feelings it experiences. Achieving this state of complete acceptance and awareness is the goal of this massage therapy.

Benefits of Tantric Massage Therapy

A state of well being and contentment encompasses the person who has experienced this therapy by skilled tantric massage London specialists. There are several other benefits to be enjoyed from tantra London, such as:

Tantric Massage Helps you Reach the Pinnacle of Pleasure

While sexual arousal is not the ultimate aim of tantric massage, it is a common outcome. Since this massage therapy aims to delink the mind from the body and allow the body to enjoy the stimulation received by various senses, arousal is a natural byproduct of the process. In the sensual world that tantra opens up, feelings are bound to take precedence over thoughts. By eliminating any inhibiting thoughts, by gentle, loving touch and a myriad of other techniques, the skilled masseuse allows you to reach the pinnacle of pleasure whether orgasmic or otherwise.

It is always advisable to choose your masseuse with care since the level of training and experience does influence the effectiveness of the therapy. Choose a massage parlour that comes with great reviews, such as Sensual Liaisons to get the most pleasurable tantric massage London therapy.

Tantric Massage Helps you Heal

In today’s world, life is often highly stressful. Stress not only adversely impacts your quality of life but also manifests itself as physical ailments. Headaches, heart burn, rising blood pressure, heart ailments and many other ailments may be caused or worsened by stress. That is probably why there is so much talk about stress relief therapies today.

In the East, the ancients knew that the human body is capable of incredible self healing powers. But these powers are unlocked only when the body and mind are both calm. Since it is difficult for us to achieve the mental level of calm that they were capable of, disengaging the mind is what we need to do.

Look in at a well known Tantric massage parlour like Sensual Liaisons and you will find that they use aromatherapy, touch stimulation and music as part of the massage routine. By skilfully combining these with specialized massage techniques they encourage your physical senses to overwhelm your thoughts. Pampering your body is a very critical part of the tantric massage London therapy. This helps lead the recipient into a state of complete bliss where stress is completely eliminated.

Tantric Massage Puts you In Tune with your Body

Skilled Tantric massage London by specialist masseuses at highly reputed parlours like Sensual Liaisons encourage your body to become aware of feelings to a depth that you have never before experienced. When you are perfectly in tune with your own body, the complete awareness re-energizes you from head to toe most effectively.

As with several yogic practices this complete awareness not only enhances relaxation of every body part but also improves circulation of blood throughout. Most recipients of tantric massage find that the positive glow of the therapy lasts for days, leaving them stress free and calm in the most trying situations.

According to the ancients, this kind of complete awareness and harmony with your own body unlocks the healing properties within so that emotional, physical and spiritual growth takes place. In effect, tantric massage gives you an overall feeling of well being, improves your body and mind’s ability to combat stress and also boost your body’s innate potential to stay in perfect health.

Tantric massage detoxifies, relaxes, eliminates stress, makes you healthier and restores your body’s natural balance. It is not a purely sexual activity nor is it merely a means of attaining non- penetrative sexual gratification. Tantric massage engages all of your organs including the Lingam (for men) and Yoni (for women) to bring you to a state of complete sensual, physical and emotional bliss!

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