Massage in London

Sensual Liaisons massage in London goes by the Garden of Heaven concept making the guests feel relax and really special. The place is perfect for gentlemen that need to feel better and receive attentive service. You will be greeted by the scent of fresh flowers and a cold drink, making you feel at home. The services provided by Sensual Liaisons’ massage in London charming, beautiful and skilled masseuses are one of a kind, you can experience a delightful half an hour, an exciting hour or a luxurious two hours in a relaxing paradise. Our graceful and discreet massage parlour in London is located just five minutes from Victoria st. Central London.

We can provide you with best and most charming massage experts in London, who will be able to fulfil your expectations and needs. We have a state-of-the-art interior, fresh flowers scents combined with experienced masseuses, all of this to create the perfect paradise for our clients. We count with a variety of services and flexible time periods that would adjust to anyone’s busy schedule. You can choose from a short and simple 30 minutes massage or have a full relaxing time with 1 or 2 hours massage . There’s adult massages too and body to body massages that will leave you asking for more.

At Sensual Liaison massage in London you can get tantric massages too. Due to the fact that massage therapy is getting really popular lately, people are learning about different types of massages that can help improve not only emotional but also physical health. One of the most wonderful and well known massage therapies is the Tantric massage. However, despite having a huge popularity there are still many misconceptions about this therapy, per example, many people thinks that the Tantric massage is just another erotic massage. But in reality has a lot of power and should not be missed.

The Tantric massage therapy is derived from Tantra, a ancient Hindu tradition brought to life by Indian sages 5000 years go. Tantra is all about being in harmony with your physical self, for it to be conscious and aware. Tantric massage in London focuses a lot in awakening the kundalini chakra, which is the seat of sensuality and emotions like anger, hate and love. A tantric massage can help you get rid of negative emotions and improved your sexual life.

We provide the best services of tantric massage therapy.. We make sure to give you the highest level of luxury and the best and more charming masseuses, qualified above industry standards. Everything, from the luxurious chosen apartments, to the level and training of the tantric massage, to the body wash in the cozy bathroom of the apartment of the girl you chose to visit, every tiny detail has been prepared, tried and tested. This is way we are leading the erotic massage in London scene and we stand out against our competitors in the quality of service and attention, all our clients leave totally satisfied and relaxed.

Massage in London

Not only that, we can guide you in an exquisite journey into sensual world of role play and fantasy. You don’t have to worry about anything at all. Big clean towels, showers, toiletries and refreshments are given to you the minute you arrived and only unscented high quality oils are used. With a massage couch, soft music and candles to make you feel more comfortable than ever. You can get an hour and a half or two hours service, the latter includes an additional fantasy service.

  • The half an hour massage includes an upper back massage, specifically in the neck and shoulder areas to make the tension go away.
  • The one hour massage provides you with a total mind and boy treatment with a detailed massage.
  • The one and a half hour, starts with a candlelit soak together, and then a relaxing massage and a tantric one. A ritual to explore pleasure and sensuality.
  • The ultimate pampering come with two hours treatment, with a candlelit bubble bath and a glass of champagne, a warn oil massage, erotic tantric massage, perfect for relaxing the mind, body and spirit.

Sensual Liaison Massage in London is the luxurious, safe, private and discreet place you are looking for. What are you waiting for, pay us a visit and relish the grand eperience?
We open daily from 11am until late. Please call to book your appointment.

Massage in London

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